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LCQ-Meter version 2.0 in aluminium housing (half cut cheap ProMa Eurocard housing from Reichelt) using Electronic Assembly Display and Schurter Switches.


Same as abobe with internal 3 cell battery supply.


Same as above with side view showing extrem flat profile with Electronic Assembly display used.


LCQ-Meter HW version 2.0 bottom view assembled with Electronic Assembly Display and Schurter switches.


Sames as above top view.



LCQ-Meter HW version 1, works fine but some improvements possible.


LCQ-Meter Prototype, worked quiet well for non-SMD assembly (there was also a breadboard version, but unfortunately I do not have a picture of it; off course functonality was limited at midium frequencies).


LCQ-Meter version 2.0 used to measure high performance magnetic loop; very portable measurement!


Inductance and Capacity of magnetic loop; can it be easier to measure?


Wow! Q = 523 at 7.2 MHz; there is large influence from the environment; loop turned 90 degrees drops Q down to 300.



W1JGH built the LCQ-Meter into a Plastibox G from Bud Industries. I wish I would have seen such a nice and affortable enclosure before!

 Here is a nice build from DL9AJ:


...happy to post more from other builders!